Hey all, I’m Brett. Home in Washington, school in Portland, and soul in France. Food is my favorite second thing ever after sleep, followed by flowers, my mother, and cats. Living with a cheese-aholic father has instilled in me a love of late night cheese slices. Probably from age 5 to 14 if my nighttime snack wasn’t cereal or buttered rice it was for sure slices of cheddar. Good thing I’m thin and have no reason to worry about cholesterol because otherwise I’d have serious problems with my waistline and death. I’m always happy to try new foods and flavors; recently I overcame my long-suffered taste aversions of capers and gruyère, so there’s really nothing stopping me in the world. This blog is the result of my overactive imagination, love of flavor diversities, rampant laziness, respect for cheese, and fortunate lack of restrain when it comes to buying cheese.


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