First time for everything

Normally I’m like actually aaaaalways about everycheese. Sauf I bought a gruyere wedge at albertsons earlier this year and it had this rill bitter, offputting chemical taste around the exterieur and I was concerned BUT I just had to make a casserole widdit so in it went and all was well. That emotion would have remained hidden in my head except that last last last night night we had this wanky dank holey looking hard cheese that tasted like everything I hate about swiss cheese and bad gruyere. It was called Bethmale and from what I’ve read about it online it’s supposed to be a miam-miam powerhouse aka we just got some baaaaad cheese or I’ve really found a taste combination that dont work for my buds. In fact, when I was eating the bethmale, my mouth was tingling and burning a little bit which was remarkable/horrifying because I wasnt even drinking red wine widdit. I think in general I’m not all about semi-soft cheeses with eyes (the holes in swiss), and this was just too gassy. The blehmale is the cheese on the left; the right is just a nice mild mountain cheese


But then today I had to buy more baguettes/nutella/cheese/lunchable items and I decided to try munster géromé. Raw cows milk mmmm so good, a litts bit stinky and gnarly high note but really all in all nothing more terrifying than a spiced-up chèvre. I ate a couple eedle wedges by themselves and then spread them on my baguette with porc rillettes mmmm so good again! The MG is fresh, very umami, almost crumbly in the center, soft, and piquant in an exciting way. I thought it was going to be comme a muenster fromage is that you can find in supermarkets but if I do say so, that muenster is naht as fresh and might be a different cheese but is porbably just older, presliced, and not as <<appellation d’origine controllé>> as this little munster. AKA I like and should eat as much of it as I can because aint gon find dis back in the USA. Something else thats good about france is that its allllways time for a cheesebreak #rightnow



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